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Pharm.D. is a Professional Pharmacy Doctoral Programme. 'Pharm.D.' is a Latin term that stands for 'Pharmaciae Doctor' which means 'Doctor of Pharmacy'. Pharmacy is the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines. The course is also known as Pharma.D., which many of the medical institutes prefer to term as such. Pharm.D. is a registrable qualification under the Pharmacy Act 1948. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is the regulatory body of Pharmacy education in India. The Pharmacy Council of India introduced the 6 years Pharm.D. course in India in the academic year 2008. Pharm.D. enables one to practice the profession of a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, of 1948. The Doctor of Pharmacy Program is focused on classroom theory, penetrative laboratory experiments, and motivated research projects. Only PCI-approved Colleges can offer Pharm.D courses. There are only a limited number of Pharmacy Schools which provide Doctor of Pharmacy degrees.



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