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Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm.,)

Master Of Pharmacy (M.Pharm) is a two-year post-graduate program. The course is based on pharmaceutical sciences that deal with the study of drugs and medicines. It enhances student’s theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge in the field of pharmacy and also develops curiosity among the students to carry out further pharmaceutical research.



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TWO academic years
(Four Semester)

M. Pharm., Pharmaceutics

Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics is a postgraduate Pharmacy course. Pharmaceutics is the branch of pharmacy that deals with all aspects of transforming a novel chemical entity (NCE) into a drug that can be used safely and effectively by patients in the community. The science of dosage form design is known as pharmaceutics. The Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics program typically lasts two academic years, however, this varies per institute and may be offered part-time by some. The Pharmaceutics course syllabus is organized into four semesters, two semesters per year. The course is extremely significant, and the career that originated in nature provides numerous doors for them.

M.Pharm., Pharmaceutical Analysis

M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis is a 2-year post graduation degree. The course deals with concepts and processes of drug development, elucidation of structure, qualitative, and quantitative analysis of a drug, and its contaminants. 

M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis is a specialization of pharmacy which deals with the process of identification, quantification, and purification of a substance, separation of components from a mixture, or determination of the chemical structure of unknown chemicals.

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